Sunday, February 6, 2011

Telling the World : I am always Up-To-Date ! (Samsung)

   Hey hey back there , (who's in the back anyway) .
Oh man , that was so so so so creepy-long-time-without-a-single-update after I wrote the blog entered an entry a competition to win a Galaxy Tab . -Sigh- Imma looser . I don't win . Good , now I'm hoping for another alike competition . And I wouldn't write an essay again . :"))

   Oke oke oke , back to topic . In this section blog , I'll summer up all the things , (read : latest and the best only) Hit up the Follow button . And do add me on Facebook . (I don't ask for any comments though)

   Surely , at first , I thought that I would write this blog in a LARGE mood of technology . Then , I've changed my mind (right when you're reading this) Now , I've cropped my idea . So , how about , I write home something about Samsung first , rather than summer all the thing up , (space requirements too much) Then , in the future (hopefully) , I'll continue another brand . (Samsung's BIG fan , not the spinning one)

   Remember I wrote about Galaxy S ? Less than a year , (read : not decade) it is outdated . Fully outdated . (I even don't have one . Just planned) Beeteedouble-u (BTW) , thank God that I don't own such phone . Or not , I will . . . . . . Yah , , double-u-veetee-ar (wtvr) . Oopps . I've gone away too much . Oke , the Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode or Super AMOLED as in short , is _______ . (forgot the word ==") So , they (Samsung) decided to replace the S-AMOLED unit with a Super LCD , which will hit the Mid East and Asia , (unlucky) with the S-LCD equipped Galaxy S units , shelves . Oh , the phone itself , has added the thickness or size if you prefer . Samsung also added a bigger capacity (1650mAh only though) and the chipset is rather than the Hummingbird , has changed to the TI OMAP 3630 . IDK what the differences between the two .
Can you tell me which one is Galaxy S ?
   (It's SC-LCD [Super Clear] not S-LCD) What are the difference(s) can you spot ? Guess yourself . :"))

! NEXT !

(To be continued . . . )

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I Deserve To Win a Galaxy Tab

   On my recent blog post, I comment a very little about the Galaxy Tab. There are lots of things and form factors why I deserve to win a Galaxy Tab. First of all, I don't own it. Not 'not yet', but I think, if I want to own it, I need to wait bloody a few years to come [T_T]. The new one will hit the shelves. Sigh.

  Okay, Samsung, if you read this now, I would like to say thank you. Lemme talk straight to the point. I am one of the biggest fan of Android. And, just right on the spot, Galaxy Tab is equipped with the latest Android OS, the 2.2 of Froyo (I want to own *_*).

   Even though it is not ready for tablet, I pushed that all aside. Who cares?! I never do. But I really hope and believe that Samsung will release an update to the Gingerbread Honeycomb, which is suitable for tablet. (Google said that, not me, duh).

   In the other hand, I don't have such a technology in my home (I'm fifteen). I can show off a bit to my friends, which I am so jealous with their mobile phones. One of them even owned a Galaxy S (not Tab), so at least I have something (which I can't afford exactly) to fight off my envy. And sure, from the looks of it, it is fast enough. Lag-lag slow play is a green-go for me. ^^

   Hey, there are more possibilities on the go. And they are right (read: Samsung), if I own this Tab (not the button, it's the device). When there's Wi-Fi, I can take out my Tab and start shooting. Bang, bang!!(hope I'll win), and connect with my fellows. Moreover, I can video-calling with my family that has the VC function in their phone. Not just that, plus, I can insert a SIM card inside this, and pretend the Tab is like a phone. (A cute baby monster). Messaging is way better. And the DivX support will do the video player in full HD. ^^

   Oh no, I left my camera at home! For sure, it won't replace my digital camera just like 'that' (puff), but, wherever I go, the Tab is my best friend (because my friends inside it, hopefully). I won't leave him, and so do him. Haha, I couldn't imagine how's my life with Tab (or without?). I can chat with my friends on Facebook, and that's mean I don't need to sign up (I already did) Facebook Mobile which is eating up my credits. I can be an up-to-date person.

   Just like I stated earlier, I can shoot photos and videos, and upload it straight to my Facebook account. Oh, the picture and the video quality itself is one of the finest for 3 megapixel camera. So, there's no need extra time to move (or copy and paste) the pics and vids from my camera to my computer and then to the Facebook. Of course, leaving the camera at home accidentally is not an option, but still is not a no-go. And I don't need those HD recording, not yet.

   Next, the Flash. It does have the desktop Adobe Flash 10.1, not Flash Lite. So, watching You Tube straight from the Tab has its green light turn on. There shouldn't be a problem. Like what I mentioned before, I don't need those HD format You Tube's videos. That's that.

   Not to forget, there's a game that is climbing up the ladder very fast, the Angry Birds, I can get it from the Android Market. (Not forgetting, the multi-touch input. It's accurate enough. Use for playing Angry Birds) It's for sure, I could join and heat up the battle too. (I don't have any idea about the game actually. Just read it only before.)

   I love the eye-candy gallery made by Samsung. Not just creative, but it blow ups my mind (maybe just me). Last but not least, I can easily get boring with the books (it's more than books). So, maybe I can create a time-table that I need to read a book (not the whole if it is thick) everyday. And Tab just could realize my dream. (Own a Tab, that's a dream. Come true?)

   Hurm, I think this post has come to an end. A bit more to the last dot. For Samsung Team that is reading this post, I hope you will consider this. For my friends, comment this and ask the others to comment too. I want to win. Yahoo!!!! Google!!!! I was over the moon when I saw this this morning.

   Lastly but not least, that's the why's I should and deserve to win a Galaxy Tab. Will I? I'm crying for this. And for my boys, gals, systa and brotha that commented this post, TQVM!! Love you guys!! (Add that on Facebook.)

Note: All the pictures above were being taken from the internet and I admit that I edited it myself. Thanks Samsung Team!!

Tab Tab Tab...I just like it!!

Hurm, I don't think what am I (or I am) writing right now.........wait!!!! It's just out of the topic (refer my last post).

   Okay then, back to the topic up there if you read it, or if you don't, just lemme say it here "Tab Tab Tab...I just like it". So, why I like it? Guess what? It is a monster version of Galaxy S, am I right?

   Ah, I'm in the tab!! Sure is, but, just like what Samsung had said, there are more possibilities on the go. And it is. The truth, when I first saw the teaser (click to watch), oh my God, is it for real? It is. Why? I don't know. But, I really hope that I can own it. It's just like a mini laptop. The most I hate is, the pricing. I couldn't afford it, maybe you, but just not me. However, the better part is, it doesn't need to be flip-opened to turn it on. Get it? I mean, no need to reveal the keyboard. With the Tab, just press the button.

I don't care about those HD recording nor encoding. I just need it for browsing (and showing off a little...hehe). C'mon, who don't want a monster phone|mini tablet as their go travel around. I need it badly.
For more information, jump to this page |Tab| And don't forget to comment on my next blog post, not this one, duh!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

So, what am I going to write about, eh?

   Any suggestions? Well, if you do, just give me a call send me an email. But, I'll try to help you guys to solve your problems. I'll make a new email so that you guys can tell me your problemo. If I could lend my mind to think about how to solve your problems, I'll do my best. For the coming year, the students of form 2 now, visit my as I am going to help you with da PMR thingy (if it's not going to be terminated). I can help with the English subject (even though I'm not that good in English).

   So, wait for my news yap?!!